Starlight Software Solutions

October 2021
A website built for growth, powered by modern databases.
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Webflow Development
Website Design
Wordpress to Webflow Migration

Website Highlights

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A New and Innovative Industry Leader

Starlight Software Solutions was looking to re-emerge digitally into the market as an industry leader alongside the launch of their new software products. In order to streamline their demo process and increase customer conversions, we worked alongside the design team to rebuild the consumer-facing website. This website was originally built and designed when Upside Down Digital was under the business name The Nineteen Thirty-Nine Creative Studio.

A Resources Database

We built Starlight a resource database that merged together multiple resources. Resources are filtered and accessed by primary categories that span across multiple media types including case studies, blogs and videos.

A No Nonsense Website

We built Starlight Software a website to improve brand perception by reflecting the company's focus on product innovation and industry leadership. Through this, our goal was to increase online conversions through an intentional demo path.

Accessible and Easy to Update for the Starlight Team

Starlight's marketing team needed a website that was easier to access and make copy edits. We chose to migrate the team from an overcrowded WordPress website to Webflow for an easier to manage experience. This simple migration maintained all previously instated SEO efforts.

A Memorable Story

One of our primary goals for the Starlight team was to highlight the wealth of industry knowledge and support the company provides through a compelling and meaningful story. To achieve this, we put a spotlight on images of real customers and created a diverse testimonials page to enhance the focus on community. We then highlighted the history of the product through a conversational about us page.

A Modern Yet Comfortable Design for Users

The Starlight product was born from the 5280 Waste team working to solve their own software problems within the waste and hauling industry. Because the waste industry serves a very specific niche, we wanted to design a website that made customers feel comfortable. We combined elements of modern and traditional web design to make an easy to navigate experience.

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