5280 Recycling Solutions

Migrating from Wordpress to Webflow for an animated and playful website experience.
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Wordpress to Webflow Migration

Website Highlights

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A Refreshed Website

We set a goal to improve brand perception of 5280 Recycling through highlighting their success of pioneering innovative manufacturing processes for the economic reuse of hard-to-recycle construction and demolition materials.

Practical Design

5208 Recycling Solutions needed a website that gave a high level overview of their work and mission. As Colorado’s leader in diverting manufacturing, construction, and demolition waste material from the landfill, their website needed to reflect the innovative nature of their product. We built a one page website that combined modern and practical design for an easy to navigate one page website.

Mobile Optimized

We've created a mobile landscape for 5280 Recycling that prioritizes an increasing number of mobile users. Mobile optimized allows for a site to reformat itself for the majority of all handheld and tablet devices. Features include modified menus, larger navigation, shifting font sizes, reformatted content, and optimized images that appear to fit each device.

Icon Design

5280 Recycling required an icon set that was playful, yet sophisticated to appeal to a diverse audience. We designed a three-piece icon set that highlights their primary industry focus.

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